Duals Glocks Recompile v2

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  • KylerAdams

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    Two of the same weapon
    Arby26's awesome anims
    working wees.


    Incredibly poor compile
    stretched vertically


    On one hand, "yay, the same weapon in both hands", which is always awesome. Ever tried to load a P226 magazine into a Glock? Me neither, but it's not going to work. At best, it'll just drop right back out and leave you with an empty pistol with the slide forward. At worst, it'll be stuck in there and you'll have to pull it out. Either way you're in trouble, especially if you have a horde about to start nomming on your face.
    On the other hand, this is a very poor compile. The Glocks are autosmoothed and stretched vertically, leaving both a poor grip (webbing between thumb and index finger should be tight up against the bottom of the frame) and a stretched looking gun.
    Also, custom sounds on a default model compile. Also, entirely unrelated, the Glock's model's grip is horrific. It's a subcompact grip mated with a full length frame/slide. Not your fault though, so no points deducted.
    Final score? 6.5
    Lost big points on the poor rig.
    Really just needs the models resmoothed and rescaled and you'd have a perfect 10 from me.

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