Hellsing Seras Victoria Zoey (Red)

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  • CarrieAnnDelacroix

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    It's Seras F*cking Victoria!
    Changed the eye color,
    the ripped stockings are perfect,
    The hair color is basically the same shade


    The gloves look a little odd to me, but, just my opinion. (I thought they were redish/black in her Blood rage form.)


    First, I've been hoping and wishing for Hellsing Character skins since the Hellsing Weapons started appearing on this site. (Would've tried myself, but, lack of time and proper materials prevent me from trying that.) Okay, with that out of the way, I can now fangirl over this. 
    Second, I really like the skin. While it doesn't look EXACTLY like the anime version, it still works. It seems more of a "Zoey-Cosplaying-As-Seras" sort of thing, which I really enjoy.  (In my opinion, it makes me think that Zoey was getting ready for a Con and zombies got in the way.) 
    Lastly, only real nit picky parts I have with it is the shirt. Would've been cool to see it a bit more like her actual shirt as opposed to just a t-shirt. Maybe having another patch on her sleeve. But, that's just my little nit pick.
    TL;DR vs, Love this skin to bits, thank you for posting a Hellsing Skin to use the Hellsing Guns. Sorry if this review seems spastic. (Freaking 4 am.)

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    Naofumi Iwatani (Coach) Filo [Ellis] Raphtalia [Zoey] Raphtalia [Rochelle]

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    Let's Build Tech Desk v2.b

    This is an updated version of Rimrook's Let's Build Techdesk, as used in my map "Let's Build a Searchlight!". Read the included readme.txt on how to use it. Enjoy and do let me know when your map is finished! :) -JareKano

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    Pick a Gnome

    Released new version today, now with 5 maps and several fixes. Should the last one barring any new issues.

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