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    Sorry, but bad!

    Thanks for your time and effort on this campaign, but really screwed navigation has nothing to do with your first work here. You could fix navigation and this is what one like me really wanted as a Single Player Expert Mode man like me. I managed to beat the first chapter from 3rd try after trying and going here and there. It was a great puzzle over there and the real trick was that hole you open over that pillar as you will visit mostly room number 9 twice for that trick and falling down into the red light zone where your HP keeps going down until you move from there. 
    2nd chapter was insane and It wasn't about dozens of tanks I was fighting with bots, but just the lame navigation that led to their death and the fact I was completely alone after the great panic event when music is played while a tank after another kept coming to me. How could bots climb the walls just like the zombies did? How come?!! Why didn't they moved to my spot? I know there was a plenty of supplies and bile bombs, but as long as bots couldn't reach me, they will fall by tanks or specials. I used cheats to bring them to life again and to my spot, but they didn't shoot zombies. I gave them automatic shotguns that are my best favorite weapon, but they were just receiving hits. I set the game from Expert to Easy and was still crazy fighting all those zombies alone while bots were watching and falling to ground... I just needed fixed navigation and I would finish it all on Expert Single Player! Zombies spawned in massive waves by the end of chapter 2 from nowhere and this is no stupid and nasty. I managed to go there up that glass hole that needed to be shot to go down through it and I was completely alone after bots didn't join me with no cheats to use and on Expert.. as I used Admin System, the great addition on Steam to help fix some of those bugs screwing my runs along that stupid chapter.  
    3rd Chapter was so huge and vast and even zombie panic events started before I started the finale calling the rescue.. Along with tank? Why?! Bots couldn't climb up any pyramid and they would just freeze down there or move around the pyramid. I had to make that chapter on Easy too and one was so lost as I couldn't find the whole 8 buttons and FYI, You could just wait till the rescue come without searching for any buttons as I managed to climb over that fence up that great final pyramid to that weird rescue vehicle. 
    I gave  2 stars for it was your first work and thanks to the Admin System that made me have some fun while getting screwed on screwed navigation work. Thanks for your time and hope you just fix the navigation and bots in general. Good Luck
    • @kurchama, So you mean because i used the admin system they acted like that? I had no choice because bots kept dying and I was literally alone. They even got stuck in certain corners so I would mostly end up alone...
    • Bots just standing still & getting hit by zombies without retaliation might be caused by mods or bug in L4D2. For example, if you throw a pipe bomb & then close the saferoom door before it explodes, on the next map bots won't shoot anything. Some mods or features of a mod may also cause this bug.

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