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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Let's Build A Spaceship (Revealian)
Let's Build A Spaceship (Revealian) created by Rev_deaddiet.
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This is my first Let's Build map and contest entry, it was difficult but i learned alot from it. 4 survivors reach an outer-organisation moonbase which just got evacuated. Once the zombie apocalypse started , the outer-organisation decided to make theirselves open to everyone. The base provides weapons,items,technology and a spaceship. However , you must research and create those things. Build a spaceship and follow the tracks of the organisation. Inspired by Rimrook's Let's Build system. Only on L4dmaps , Do not upload anywhere else! There is a credits .txt file in the vpk file. Have fun...
Version: 1.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/07/13
Released: 03/07/13
Author: Rev_deaddiet
Publisher: Rev_deaddiet
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: l4d2_lbasr_rev.vpk  
Size: 57.88MB
Mode: Co-Op,
Environments: Space / Planets,
Very VERY fun!! Nice map Nice alert system when tank comes
Maybe make the building faster and make it to where you start out with some weps Maybe next time explain how zombies got on the MOON in the first place?
Over all this map is EXTREMLY fun! It can be hard at times, but its really fun! It took me a while to figure out what to do, but after I got the hang of it I beat it in 1 hour and 12 mins! Once again, hope you make another one!
- Cool setting idea, with some neat rooms and concepts - Holographic escape vehicle is a creative idea - Lots of buildables around the map - Low gravity is a great touch.
- Bile being so early on the tree renders all the defenses moot; it can be spammed indefinitely - Bots can only arm themselves through the "Switch trick", which can be very tedious with weapons and supplies. - Some defenses require an upgrade, but none could be found - The map does not seem completable; after building roughly 5 minutes straight I added some to the ship, but an additional 10 minutes of adding happened and no visible progress was made, causing me to give up. - Last but not least, the biggest problem: There is literally no reason to visit the rest of the map. Only one control terminal seems active, and everything you need is there. The only defenses worth building are those immediately around the control panel as a result - maybe the halls - and then it's best to camp there, get an ammo pile, stack some medkits on the floor and just spam vomit jars indefinitely. With the mob sizes, even tanks fall to this in seconds.
A great starting idea. When I was first looking around the map I found it quite entertaining, with some visual issues being made up for by a neat atmosphere. However, once I found the control area, that was the last I ever had reason to explore the map. I sincerely apologize if there is a reason later in the map, as I typically do not review DNF, but it seemed that I was either making no progress on the ship, or that it required so much time to advance each level it would have been another half hour of vomitjar spamming. I think there's a lot of potential here. I'd love to see this map repaired. I'd recommend that you move the different tech trees to different parts of the station. If you could only obtain Bile from one wing, and guns from another, and health from yet another? You'd have a hell of a reason to move around your map and enjoy things like the low gravity. Also a more detailed indicator of the progress on the ship would make building it infinitely more clear and satisfying. Anyway, I'm hoping you decide to improve the map game play! Seriously my biggest complaint is less with the overall map and more than that the way it's balanced, you have zero reason to ever explore or use any of it. And that's a shame as I can tell a lot of work was put into the barricades and such. Let me know if you patch, I'd be happy to increase my final score (which I'll admit gets a slight bonus modifier by my love for sci-fi maps.)
- Low gravity in out side areas - Information, Barricades, and Upgrades are unlocked - Variety in barricades - Two seprate unlock panels - 3D Ship model over building area - Futuristic outter space enviroment
- Many tanks - Some barricades do not slow down zombies much
A very good map, it is challenging but not too difficult. It has features that are not in other custom maps, and the enviroment really adds to the game play experience.
-I love the upgrades(computing, etc) -low gravity outside is a nice touch -Not too many out of the way things to build -I like the new tech tree layout
-Too difficult, gets laggy after about 20 minutes -I didnt know what the ship looked like when i was building it
Good map, but the difficulty got the best of me every time
Great Geometry Appealing visuals Great expansion on Rimrooks' system with new technology tables Good use of music Good use of the blue lighting Low gravity Fair game-play Re-playable Appealing skybox Large map that works well with the Let's build idea Bots pickup ammo + lasers The construction stops when the rocket is ready
The Barricade level 3 system does not seem to work very well - Zombies are still able to maneuver past obstacles The automatic doors are a bit poorly designed - They will open and close if you are trying to get in but common infected are around it. The Rocket cut-scene did not work in online mode, we had to all commit suicide in order for it to load (only works first time in single player) Whilst working on the rocket ship - you can glitch and you are no longer able to move. (Must be killed and revived) Some of the buildings outside had nothing in them - making them useless - maybe add some things into them to make them interesting to explore Lag due to too many zombies after 10 minutes Spaceship interior does not like much of a spaceship I managed to crash this time at the end as well, although I set my page-pool memory a bit higher so that could be the cause. Still something to look into though.
This is a fantastic map and I had great fun - we replayed it a few times due to the unique game-play and in order to explore around the map. It has been refined and improved to make it more playable and entertaining however there are still a few issues which are quite annoying. Otherwise, this map has a strong chance of making it into the top 3 in the competition
Last Updated: 03/07/13 Version: 1.2  (Complete) Views: 43,698
6 months later and you still not bothered to fix this.
trying to launch the map is says no server found, it ask if i want to host a server. Launched it with 3 ai bots on easy.
After completing the construction of the space ship,
process launched, steamerrorreporter.exe (pid 4564) ; at the same instant left4dead2.exe (pid 2344) gets terminated (after having run no problems for a few hours);
five seconds later gameoverlayui.exe (pid 1792) gets terminated (after having run ok for a few hours); five seconds later steamerrorreporter.exe (pid 4564) process terminated;

the l4d2 client totally crashes, but steam client is still avail in task bar

About 3 min befor the errorreporter launched (documented in Process Lasso) there were two messages svchost.exe (pid 976) ProBalance restraint ended, at the same time Restored original process priority;
five seconds befor that svchost.exe (pid 976) Process priority temporarily lowered;
Thirty seconds befor that avwsc.exe (pid 2308) process terminated; one second befor that avwsc.exe (pid 2308) process launched; twenty minutes brefor that avwsc.exe (pid 3932) process terminated; one second befor that avwsc.exe (pid 3932) process launched;
other near activity, eight minutes 42 seconds before the pid 3932, the taskhost.exe (pid 4976) was terminated, 1min 18 sec earlier the avwsc.exe (pid 4684)terminated after launched; 42 sec befor that taskhost.exe (pid 4976) launched.

This was 31min 17 sec befor that steamerrorreporter launched and crashed that map.
i suspect there may be a problem with climbing atop the building, but i had a previous crash while the team was still inside, having just completed the final 20th build spaceship.
Apparently , there are some issues with the map crashing once closing in on the spaceship when it is finished... I don't know a fix for this. Somehow the map crashes either clients or servers at a random time so i am not still completely sure if you will crash or not...

Well , probarly nobody cares since they just don't play this map lol.
That's too bad, to have done all that work for such a great looking map and it crashes everybody as a finale.

Everything was smooth until getting to the spaceship crashes the game and everybody in it.
Well if you are curious about the ending , you can select it from the lobby in chapter option..
its nice map for L4D2 you can build
Me and friend were able to play this map once, and we really enjoyed it. We played for about a half hour when my game crashed and i was unable to rejoin. we decided to host a new lobby to try again, but every single time from then on that we tried to make a lobby we kept getting errors with "scripts/weapons/gnome.txt" which were disconnecting us. is there any chance you can get on to fixing this? or is this just us 4. Thanks.
Well, we never found out how to fix it, but for some reason using a community dedicated server seems to fix everything, but we still cant play on local servers. Thanks anyways.
If a community server fixes the problem , then it's because the one that hosts the local server has a mod installed that (even not intended) disables or prevents others from joining.
The people who built the base , and the people who stayed inside the base for lunar missions , etc...
Those people became zombies once infection started.

This map plays a couple months later after the infection , when all the people in the base are infected and turned into zombies.

Anyway , thanks for the review. I'm glad you had fun :)
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