Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
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An exert from the past/future project "Haunting Grounds"... and the first of ... More >
Updated 08/22/15
Uploader insane3004

2 Bad Neighborhood
4 Maps Co-Op Survival
* NEW AND IMPROVED!* Bad Neighborhood is a four map campaign that has player... More >
Updated 05/14/15
Uploader Hurtcules
Author Hurtcules

3 Lots
Edit: Added L4D1 Survivors and fixed the "light leak" Valves c9m2_lots from ... More >
Updated 03/07/15
Author Valve

4 Blood Hospital 2
3 Maps Co-Op Campaign
3 maps of zombie chaos that has broken out around the hospital. This leaves t... More >
Updated 09/11/18
Uploader Herbius
Author Cameraman-4

5 Dead Military 2 v9.0
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
You start on the city skyline and you fight your way through hundreds of zomb... More >
Updated 04/05/19
Uploader Herbius
Author Robin Hood

6 Dark Waters
4 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
After crashing their bus, survivors must cross swamps, villages and towns to ... More >
Updated 02/27/16
Uploader JohnnyRamoneBR

7 Cold Stream Night
4 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
This is a simple time of day change for Cold Stream, I did this mostly for pe... More >
Updated 04/27/16
Uploader Brian78456
Author Valve

8 Death Island_reworked
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Reworked entire campaign. Game play is the same; item collection, puzzles, st... More >
Updated 04/29/16
Uploader goanna59
Author goanna

9 Star Wars - Death Star Survival Map [WIP] V_05
Star Wars! DEMO: This is a work in progress map. See how long you can last i... More >
Updated 06/03/16
Uploader Nicky_Da_B
Author Nicky_Da_B

10 Pass to hell town survival map
2 Maps Survival
English Description A map based on town for survive hordes of zombies waiti... More >
Updated 07/01/16
Uploader Repicmi
Author Repicmi

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4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
play testing developmental beta version of Warcelona More >
Updated 07/16/19
Uploader Trunten
Author krateos29

2 4 Magnum... 4 Survivors
* Gameplay mode: Mutation * Game types: Co-op * Max players: 4 (Multiplayer) ... More >
Updated 07/15/19
Uploader paulotrovisco

3 Lyrical☆ClariS2 Concert Mod
Audio Texture Packs
List of songs are: Break it! Gracie☆Star by nao Move Closer to Your World by ... More >
Updated 07/15/19
Uploader Fate_ForcesFTH

4 Nanoha Takamachi's Race Car
Texture Packs Vehicles
Replaces Jimmy Gibbs Jr.'s race car with the Lyrical Girl, Nanoha Takamachi! More >
Updated 07/12/19
Uploader Fate_ForcesFTH

5 Honkai Impact 3 UI Integration(崩坏3UI整合)
【说明】这个是崩坏3UI整合的MOD,素材来源于崩坏3 [Description] This is the MOD... More >
Updated 07/12/19
Uploader HCHA
Author HCHA

6 Honkai Impact 3 Loading screen(崩坏3读取界面)
【说明】这个是载入界面的MOD,素材来源于崩坏3 [Description] This is the MOD th... More >
Updated 07/12/19
Uploader HCHA
Author HCHA

7 WaW Kar98k (for Chrome, Ruger, G3)
Audio GUI Scripts
Mauser Karabiner 98k from Call of Duty: World at War. The most commonly issue... More >
Updated 07/14/19
Uploader HulkTank

8 WaW Arisaka (for pumpguns)
Audio GUI Scripts
Arisaka Type 99 Sniper Rifle from Call of Duty: World at War. This particula... More >
Updated 07/10/19
Uploader HulkTank

9 IMPJAW C1 (Fixed)
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
Added stringtable to map 5. "Better not be any goddamn instant mud people, j... More >
Updated 07/09/19
Uploader Godzx329

10 Claire Redfield RE2
i dont claim to own this content at all i downloaded this mod from steam work... More >
Updated 07/09/19
Uploader ronnygirly
Author casino

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5 Maps Co-Op Survival
Hello everyone, I am Huang He. This is my first official map. After three yea... More >
Updated 07/06/19
Uploader o0DarkQ0o
Author Huang He

2 Divine Cybermancy part1-2 (only maps)异度神召地图文件
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Ported to E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy. Streum On Studio I hope you can play th... More >
Updated 06/27/19
Uploader MLUI

3 Deathcraft II
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last... More >
Updated 11/05/12
Uploader rtsdeathreaper

5 Left Turn: Silent Hill 3 Tribute
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
The survivors take the road north from Liberty Mall, only to run low on suppl... More >
Updated 06/07/19
Uploader Bluecrescento

7 Dam It Complete
3 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
TRS's last Left4Dead campaign that was never finished, now completed to a mor... More >
Updated 06/21/19
Uploader Akira001
Author DGB

8 Whispers of Winter
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
This will be my Final Left 4 Dead 2 mod Whispers of Winter is a 5 map campaig... More >
Updated 06/09/19
Uploader Okay_
Author Okay!

9 The Curse of Lazar Castle
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
~{ History }~ On the mist moutains of Transylvania, the strange and ancient ... More >
Updated 05/30/19
Uploader Derecksena

10 Back to school
6 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
The storyline offer new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an e... More >
Updated 01/19/13
Uploader romasm

Bad Neighborhood Left 4 Dead 2
Uploader: Hurtcules
Author: Hurtcules

Bad Neighborhood is a four map campaign that has players fight through a suburban street, a school used by the military, a sewer and a park. Also supports Survival.

You can check out my YouTube channel where I have videos that go over the entire creation and design process of the map from start to finish as well as a video going over the current plans for future updates. Can't post links, but you can just search for frank rell and my channel should show up, if not just add tags like left 4 dead 2 as well. 

Additional help and support


Marlowe - / Basketball hoop
Thenone - Lawn Chair
VilleValo - Locker
Gabriel S/3dwarehouse - Chair
Unknown/3dwarehouse - Class Desk

Everyone else that left me feedback and rated!

Links found in readme file

Release v1.0 - Updates coming soon.
View Changelog (v2.0 Complete)
Updated: 05/14/15   •   Views: 83,614  •  badneighborhood.zip (356MB)