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  • EshmawyMan

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    Really good as your first work, Finished on Expert Single Player Mode

    It was finished in 50 minutes. I do appreciate you tried to make this campaign and it's really good as your first campaign and I wonder if you made more maps later, but I believe you didn't as this map wasn't done better or updated. I hope I am wrong.
    Checkout my complete walk-through for this campaign through the link below:
    Copy the URL, Remove \ from (h\t\t\ps) & (c\o\m) & Press Enter
    Ch1: It was restarted twice and fire smoke was so thick there and I died once because of it, falling to where I died immediately. It was good in terms of length and 2 panic events and I made the best use of hordes alive behind to make the rest of way clean.
    Ch2: It is the easiest finale and we can see that the area is totally different from what we see in ch1 before entering safe room and this happened in a number of campaigns I played. Thanks to the safe room sealed door, I managed to finish this campaign with ease. 
    Custom music I loved and that message of "Call your mother and tell her you might be late for dinner" is really funny and creative. Yet, we didn't see his mom or the rescue vehicle as it all ended while we were taking the sealed door as a cover.
    As long as the campaign was playable and completed with statistics, it's alright for me. 
    Thank you.

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