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Frozen: Chapter 2

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Better than P1. Finished on Expert Single Player Mode in 2hr, 20min & 3 Restarts

    Checkout my complete walk-through for this campaign through the link below:
    Copy the URL, Remove \ from (h\t\t\ps) & (c\o\m) , then Press Enter
    Ch1: It was done with no Restarts and it was nothing actually, but it took a while till I found the first gun.
    Ch2: It's the main reason I give such rating because of the long a$$ panic event to safe room. It was restarted ONCE. It wasn't mentioned that I need to run to safe room so I kept fighting for a while until I realized I should have moved. This is really bad and it is not the first time I encounter this on a custom map. One of worst drawbacks of any custom campaigns that make the first star ready to be kicked off rating. 
    Ch3: It was done with 0 Restarts and I really enjoyed surviving there as it was so close to death when that train moved. Funny that tank itself didn't make the train move, but it would just move when we, survivors, move. Still, not bad. The last comment on this map says something about gnome getting held outside of the safe room to unlock some door in the closest building to the building where safe room exists, but I found no gnome when I played that chapter again. Maybe I should have brought it from previous chapters like ch1 or 2 as it will not show up anywhere in ch3. I felt I saw  the last part of that chapter before and found that it is used from Ch2 on "Back To School" campaign as it was mentioned in one of the comments. 
    Ch4: It was done after 2 Restarts and again, it was for the run-to-safe-room panic event, which I do hate. This time I was told to run to the mall, which was totally fine for me.
    Ch5 (finale): It was done with 0 Restarts and it was easier than expected although I fought most of it with only magnum and even tank was fought with only 2 survivors holding T2 weapons while I and another bot were using pistols. I read comments and reviews that mentioned something about many tanks would spawn, but only 1 tank spawned and zombie waves were not big so it was really easy.
    This campaign is better than Ch1 campaign and here I give a better rating. I know you are not there, at least from this account, but I hope I see you here again. Going to play Ch3 of this series soon.

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