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    Honestly, not actually a fan of this campaign, in fact I do think it's the worst "APOCALYPSE" campaign. It drags on for faaaar too long, which can be okay, but only if it isn't repetitive af, which this campaign is, it's difficult to distinguish where you're going, especially on chapter 3 because everything looks the same and sometimes the way to go isn't clear enough. Bots also have trouble grabbing items outside of saferooms, sometimes they need to be directly on top of said item until they grab it. If this campaign didn't try to extend its lifespan for ages this wouldn't have been a bad campaign, but God it got boring really fast when you're just constantly running through the same shit forever, it's not exciting! But hey, if you love super long campaigns with confusing layouts, this one is for you, for me? Nah, I'll stick to others.

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  • 5 Maps
    Night Terror (Official Fixed)

    Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion! Models and sounds fixed. No other unnecessary changes. Both text files inside the VPK point to author's site as they should. Created by Nipper and Dr. Boo (also known as Snow). This...

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    [Main menu] Простое меню списком в стиле L4D1

    Моя попытка создать удобное меню в виде списка, напоминающее меню из первой части. Это дополнение представляет собой, по сути, сборную солянку из нескольких других аддонов, которые, так или иначе, были отредактированы мной в угоду необхо...

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    como colocarse en tercera persona facil y rapido

    para colocarse en tercera persona primero coloquen la consola en el juego si no saben activar la consola pueden descargarse este mod copien y peguen en su navegado este mod xd después de instalar el ...

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    Halloween Collection

    ENGLISH: THESE MODS ARE NOT MY PROPERTY This is a compilation of mods from different authors on GameMaps and Steam Workshop “Halloween Collection” contains: - Weapon and item skins - Survivor skin - Common and special zombie skin ...