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    Yeah it's in an early alpha so I'm gonna have to give it a low rating until it gets improved upon, don't let it demotivate you, just think of it as criticisms. The frame rate is extremely low on this map for some reason. I get about 15 fps, it starts off as 60 then after 2 seconds it drops significantly, maybe bad optimization or something? The custom "Oh gimme!" sound effect for picking things up is not in the correct format L4D2 supports as there's a really loud corrupted sound that plays after that sound plays after it plays a few times. And of course the campaign is too short, only 1 chapter long with no finale and a non functional safe room. That's about it however I do appreciate the custom models , textures and sounds, they add a nice touch to the campaign. I noticed Coach's picture as well, I'm assuming your planning on adding custom survivor models? :) . That's about it though, I appreciate the concept as well, I don't believe this was done before. But yeah, keep working on it and it could be something special :)
    • Yeah I get the same issue with other custom camp's as well... there's just so many versions of a single campaign... one could be by Huck... one could be from the Workshop... one could be the original.. it's annoyin' to say the least :P
    • Cool. Thanks. I'll start doing that. It's a hassle though. There's some campaign conflicting with Resident Evil 1. No matter if I use the Steam Workshiop version of the one on here it always tells me I need a new version. Issue started a few months ago. It's rough managing hundreds of camaigns. So many undetected conflicts. I've been avoiding rating campaigns that crash as I suspected it was other addons causing it.
    • And regarding my add on folder all I have are model fixes and animation fixes and more survivor lines re added and general fixes. That's it. I also have Sourcemod as some of those fixes and whatnot are exclusive to it.
    • Oh yeah, remove all of your other campaigns when you play a new one. Conficts occur between campaigns and cause crashes. I falsely reviewed a few campaigns because of this, as I just kept all my campaigns in the add ons folder which caused issues. It's fine if you decide not to start/host a game and just join games, in that case I throw all my 550+ campaigns into the addon folder then lol. I put the campaigns in an alternate folder somewhere else on the Drive when I play a new campaign to review, to wrap it up.
    • You review everything. Let me ask you a question since it appears I'm not the only one this crashes on loading for. What's your addon folder look like? Do you keep it minimal? Do you put old campaigns in another folder? I've been playing this game forever, so I have a ton of campaigns in my addon folder. However, I've never messed with model/audio/whatever mods. Campaign only. The only way I check things is by going into the "Addon" section from the game's main splash screen. As long as it doesn't show any conflicting addons, I assume everything is good to go. You must be doing something right though since this works for you.

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