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The Bitter End (Fixed)

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    - Crazy designing ideas like breaking a wall with music
    - M2 and M3 both have nice lighting, although its not the best among all the L4D1 campaigns I've played
    - Clear instructions ensure you seldom feel confused about what to do
    - Sufficient supplies and explorable areas
    - Most maps have fulfilling gaming experiences and level design with quality
    - Good nav mesh makes it difficult to find a single jesus spot
    - Rough details, even when considering it's probably original made for L4D1
    - Most "custom" sounds are stolen from movies and some other L4D addon campaigns
    - Terrible campaign poster, outro image and map thumbnails
    - Horrible optimization in some areas, especially in the surface part of M1
    - Several troll elements, especially on M4 (btw that map is the worst designed in this campaign)
    - Some issues still exist, for example, you can still notice missing textures on M1
    Could have been a quite nice campaign, but its flaws is non-ignorable. It would be great if someone remakes this as an actual L4D2 campaign.

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