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    Thank you. Finished in Expert Single Player Mode

    I can't give accurate statistics in terms of time, but only restarts because of the pretty annoying bugs encountered. 
    You can check my full game play (Doing this campaign for the first time with bots on Expert) by clicking the link below:
    Remove \ from h\t\t\ps & c\o\m/ , Then press ENTER
    CH1. Completed with 0 Restarts and that chapter was overrated, but still hard if we make the wrong choice. There is "RUN" sign and we should act accordingly. That super weapon by that safe room is intense and a nice touch to end the chapter by the falling rocks. The bad thing is that after I finished the chapter, the game crashed during the show of chapter statistics and I was kicked out. I restarted from first chapter, but on Easy just to keep tracking of time and get closer kill rates for accurate honest results and the game didn't crash and moved to second chapter. Yes, bots died on first try when it crashed, but on second try, they managed to join as I changed back to Expert and wanted to kill them while running to safe room, but didn't work well so you can find them on low HP on next chapter.
    CH2. Completed with 0 Restarts too, but the game crashed again and I decided to take 2 stars off my rating for this annoying bug and I didn't restart from first again and went right from 3rd CH. It was intense and long chapter for me to search for items and solve puzzles as I was left with 1 bot with no idea about where to go next and I luckily skipped some events and went right to safe room. That soul and customized items were really creative. Those Tank vibes everywhere made me on Red Alert until I reached that safe room x) Read all reviews below and I didn't find anything about those dolls or gas cans. I don't know if the campaign was updated after these reviews and comments or not, but I just found those 3 containers or boxes with 3 colors and I was asked to make the right choice. That's all. So I decided to keep them aside for a while, but found I could enter the safe room so I did.
    CH3. Completed with 0 Restarts too and it is the shortest and easiest out of them all. Didn't expect to be in the same place in Finale. I fought almost the same boss I fought on old finale of "Beyond Dead" campaign (you can find it on my channel too) and I got to a good camping spot while fighting it all alone while bots were there as a meat shield and to cover me shooting hordes coming and the chapter ended quickly with a screen going darker like it's going to get worse and it really got worse for the next chapter x)
    CH4. Restarted 3 times and it can be said to be the hardest and longest in this campaign. The ghost Bill was our guest and I thought it was one of my 3 bot survivors at first glance. The red atmosphere added a really terrifying creepy feeling besides those blood tapes. It all went well until I sacrificed something I found next to that building where Bill was trying to enter. No idea what to do next as if it was a semi-finale with hordes and we should fight them along with coming tanks 1-2 at the same time as we can meet all types of infected even Jimmy Gibbs JR. 3 times were just like I have no idea what to do and I survived for like 12 minutes for the last attempt alone with nothing else to do after starting it all until I found another scenario when I restarted this chapter, which was the devil overlord or something big to fight and it was a long fight as I was the only one fighting after taking cover and using like 4 types of weapons to bring it down. All bots were dead and screen started to get whiter. Something good is on the way? 
    CH5 / Finale. Restarted 4 times and it was relatively hard in a way, especially when it's noisy because of that bell ringing during the entire finale while the fog is everywhere and bots are your own hope. The side missions, like searching that box in garage (the safest camping spot I took) or bringing the paint to mark the extraction point, were a really nice addition to the campaign. Supplies were fairly provided for this chapter. When 2 tanks joined the fight, it made the finale harder and I made some wrong lame decisions in dodging their rocks or fists, but when 1 tank came for 1 wave, it was pretty easy and enough space to fight in graveyard. No idea if 2 tanks joined the fight, that means the helicopter will come after that fight or not. I was alone with Nick and it was dealt with very well. 
    I played the 3rd part of your series "Beyond Dead", which follows this campaign like 3-4 weeks ago. You really did a good job there. 2 Stars are off because the game crashed twice on ch1 & ch2 which was pretty annoying to lose track of game statistics like how many hours or kills. Please keep it up and I hope I come across your first part "A Forgotten Place" soon. Thank you!

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