Crash Bandicoot: Left 4 Dead 2 (2020 Remaster)

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  • LilG

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    Whoa!! It's N.Sane!

    Fixes from previous versions & it's more balanced than the finale of the original which was near impossible to do with just yourself & bots. I somehow managed it with the improved bots mod etc. 
    Balanced supply wise
    The horde spawn wasn't crazy that you're overwhelmed by them
    Boss fights from the crash bandicoot games makes it more interesting
    Each map is mixed with various stages from the crash games was a nice touch along with the music.
    Multiple endings
    Ok I have to admit I'm not a fan of  big brother or the heavy metal music at the end,is there a way to disable it? Its hard on the ears.
    Certain boss fights like Cortex & N.Gin it's hard to know if your shots are registering also the finale fight in the ship with the lasers the bots tend to kill themselves.
    Could you add a counter for the boxes? It's difficult to keep track of how many boxes you've broken then you got to backtrack through the map again which can be risky. So far I only managed to get 4/6 of the gems on my 3 runs.
    I'm a huge fan of the crash games since the original from 1996 & this was an interesting map to play. I hope you make more crash maps.
    • Due to the map layout, you can make the horde climb over obstacles or fall into holes pretty easily. Older versions of this map had more frequent hordes. I was playing on normal mode with improved bots mod, it was only annoying with hordes when fighting N.Gin & Cortex on his ship.
    • i think you play easy mode, with bot in normal ( even improve bot) you can't pass some crazy horde spawn
      i play 8 survival (7 are bots) in map map Extinct you will see crazy Crescendo horde spawn when you are top of the aztec after the cutscene ended. bot falling there and you too

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