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    Short map with game-ruining glitches which show its age

    - Lots of places (nooks and crannies) to explore and find items
    - Clear directional arrows, pretty much impossible to get lost
    - Can take the high path to get guns early on
    - Decent amount and placement of supplies
    - Tanks glitch and cannot reach survivors up high
    - As this is an old map, it contrasts to the new textures causing flickering models to appear frequently EG/ helicopters and trucks
    - Ends abruptly ... I'm all for one map campaigns but they need a clear beginning middle and end, this had no real beginning or end
    - No dialogue / intro / story
    - Some buildings were bland and badly constructed EG/ Church in finale area
    - Lack of gun choices
    This Dev clearly has potential, however this map should have been the intro to a campaign not a stand alone as it lacks a beginning / middle end. It's a nice little map to play to kill some time, however, given it hasnt been updated in a long time I would recommend playing some more polished maps.

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