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Red Tide

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  • kurochama

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    A well-made first custom campaign

    Played this campaign 3 times, & finished in about one hour on average because I often explored areas for awhile to look for supplies & throwables while enjoying the walk. Though the author said that this was the first custom campaign made, this campaign is really polished well. Bot navigation is fine, & supplies are enough on every map. The highlights and the directions are clear. There are explorable rooms on every map.
    Map 1 has some familiar feelings like the combination of The Parish & The Passing in the beginning, but in night time. It's about exploration through back alleys & buildings. What needs to be cautious of is tank. Sometimes tank spawns inside the burning house. In my play 3 times, 1 of them had tank spawned near the fire on the lower floor, so it's a death trap because once survivors jumped on the lower floor, they couldn't climb up again.
    On map 2, survivors go through back alleys & river to get inside building. The challenging parts happen during walking through river & waiting for the elevator. It's quite dark at the river & zombies can come from anywhere. The holdout event during waiting for the elevator has some good spots to camp.
    Map 3 is about passing through the back alleys & streets. Though there are some explorable rooms, the paths are clear. The challenging moment happens during a holdout event in the car showroom. There are many good spots to defend. Even survivors can run back to the previous areas if they want. Well, probably this part needs to be edited, like, limiting how far survivors can go back. Maybe the garage doors suddenly close when pressing the switch to open the door in the car showroom, so that survivors have no choice but to defend in that room.
    Map 4 is like a break time to relax for awhile before facing the finale. It's only about walking through buildings & streets leading to the shore. Some areas take place in a hospital. Charger loves the narrow hallways in the hospital, so beware of charger's ambush. There are quite many explorable rooms to check for supplies.
    Then, the finale is kind of unique one. It's an escape finale, but with several holdout events. It's really challenging because zombies often spread to attack survivors at the shore. Sometimes the battle happens inside buildings at narrow hallways, so, melee weapons are recommended here. Every holdout event has one tank challenging in the end.
    In short, playing this custom campaign feels like playing the official campaigns (probably even better than official campaigns). The difficulty is measured well, so it's also playable in Expert mode, with bots or other players. It's one of great campaigns to add to collection.

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