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洞穴之旅4墓 -cave tour 4 beta

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  • RaphasTesha

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    the worst cave tour map

    - Cave tour series map are half ass troll map (basically they are all BAD both visually and gameplay wise - except cave tour RE)
    Last time I rated cavetour0 the worst because that map is lazy and boring but this map bring it down like planes hitting skyscrapers
    This map is so unfair and difficult in Normal that I have to use god mode to beat this. You have to play with players or scripts that can tele bots. If you play without them, you will suffer trust me
    - chap 1 this map test how good witch crowning and dealing with tanks( that tank under water is the worst)
    - chap 2 this need players or scripts for tele, the bots will drown to death in this bis pool of water
    - chap 3 we spawn drowning in the saferoom, prepare to speedrun with adrenaline because you dont want to fight tanks under water
    - chap 4 the worst chapter. Prepare to speedrun to the saferoom because after the first horde, nonstop tanks will chase you down while over 8-12 witches blocking your way. Yeah good luck beating that
    - chap 5 the journey to the real finale is literally unfair. Traps, landmines, lots of tanks, hordes, hard eight SI...

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Version 1.1 Beta

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