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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you! It was a good start, but after 2 years, it's still incomplete....

    Here is the link to my YouTube Playlist, playing this campaign on Expert Single Player Mode, 2 videos for 2 chapters, chapter 1 & chapter 2:
    Just copy the link, remove ( \) Between letters of h\t\t\ps, w\w\w & c\o\m, then press Enter
    I experienced your map for the first time on Expert Single Player Mode and it was decent. It took like an hour to finish chapter 2. Chapter 1 was quite long, but it was easy with 0 panic event and I did it from first time. Yes, I can see it's like Swamp Fever map and I love it. 
    The factory chapter reminded me with The first chapter of "The Sacrifice" as we go across a brick factory, but it was really annoying when special infected just spawned with so short time in between so it's almost no break between the death of a special infected and the spawning of another one. I restarted the second chapter twice till I made it and it was really harder and longer comparing it to the first chapter. 1 bots navigation issue was by that bus before the wooden stairs as I died there by a smoker and bots were late to save me. So annoying. I realized the instant spawning of special infected by the crane panic event of the second chapter. I survived it very well that time. 
    Accordingly, the review is 1.5\5 stars. It starts from 2.5/5 star rating for the campaign has 1/2 chapters and 1 star is off for the intentional instant spawning of 3 specials at the same time. I hope you are back one day and finish working on it :) Thank you!

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