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The Globe

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  • Marcusyaho

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    Awesome design and idea
    Building is well maded


    NAV problems
    Lack of almost everything
    Could be some more details / props outside
    Stone fence block some infected


    Its NAV problems on many places. On the fence on the upper floor for exampel.
    Its lack of almost everything. I didn't see molotovs, pipebombs, vomitjars, melee weapons, weapon upgrades...
    The part outside was a bit empty and open. Could use a couple of props or details.
    The stone fence outside blocked some special infected.
    And I dont like the idea to start the map after opening the doors. But its not a problem and dont remove points.
    Otherwise its a map full with challange! The design is awesome!
    Also love the fact that you got inspiration from reall places.
    More work with the NAV and more supplies added and its a great map

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