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City 17

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  • kurochama

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    A duplicate campaign, all same as the original old version

    It's a duplicate campaign of "City 17" (/details/2506), actually. Every route & event are same. The "10 maps" tag is not right, as it doesn't have 10 maps but it has the same number of maps as the original old version does. So if you have the original old version, you don't need to try this as everything is the same.

Developers & Credits

  • Mrs. Puss

    details , model , texture

  • Ash128345


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City 17 fixed.vpk

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Version 2.0 Beta

  • Mod
    Shimoe Koharu as Ellis

    Shimoe Koharu from Blue Archive replaces Ellis. Known issues For some reason, when playing in first-person, the hands are still Ellis'. Someone who's better at this, please help! Credits Original mod by HCHA

  • Mod
    Erika(German Soldier's song) - Tank Theme

    Replacement of Tank theme music DISCLAIMER: I do not believe in nor endorse the ideas of fascism, Falangism, ******, or national socialism; this video was uploaded for educational value and cultural appreciation. My channel does not g...

  • 16 Maps
    Sector-74: March of the survivors

    TRAILER V1.3 TRAILER WALKTHROUGH SECTOR-74: March of the survivors 16 Level campaign made by: CR0NO SET SHADER DETAIL (in video menu options) TO MEDIUM OR HIGHER TO SEE THE SKYBOX CORRECTLY Enjoy. Special...

  • Mod
    Custom Weapon Base For Custom Maps

    A new solution to use custom scripted weapons in custom campaigns. There were 2 methods to get custom weapons work in custom maps: Combining files of custom weapon base with custom campaign to 1 vpk, which could break some crescendo...