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No Where Is Safe

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  • RaphasTesha

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    Bad "campaign"

    This is one of the most amateur "campaign" I've ever played. this is not even a campaign just a lot of random stuff that mashup together and call is a campain
    - chap 1 is a literally horde fest. I accidentally shoot the white car and it summoned the whole city, there is a small delay(~10s) but the horde never stop coming.
    No melee; no shotgun; no bombs and we have to fight the horde while trying to find that gotdamn computer. Atleast there is pills and the saferoom is nearby
    Also did that "fine" and "ware" misspell intention or not?
    - chap 2 the same as chap 1: horde fest + a tank for more suffering. Atleast there are a lot of pipebombs to stun the tank
    - chap 3 more horde fest at the end of chapter. repetitive and long, boring hallway is not meant for fighting tank with no molotov. Also that flickering light is super annoying and hurt my eyes a lot
    - chap 4 is bs. Get to the space ship but we have to fight 2 tanks and a horde ambush from the back. After that keep fighting until you reach the door with more horde cause why not?
    Luckily there are a lot of biles and pipebombs around so rushing to the ship is not that hard
    Overall I have fun with this bad map unlike other trolly and stupid puzzle maps (hehe; cave tour;...)
    EDIT: opps forgot some picture

    Edited: 5 days ago

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