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Midnight Survival

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  • Marcusyaho

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    Amazing design
    Cool fog
    Soundscapes are brilliant
    "Weeding" zombies
    Spooky enviroment


    Took a long time before I saw the start button
    Can jump up on the church roof
    Too much supplies
    Bots get stuck at a few parts
    One in-door soundscape start to play outside at the start button


    Probably one of the best survival maps I have seen for l4d2 ever!
    Enviroment, soundscapes, fog, skybox... everything is amazing!
    You should move the survivors closer to the start button (or add another button at start and keep the one you already have so you can choose where you want to start)
    Remove alot of the supplies. I found like 15 fire/explosive ammo. 1-3 is enough.
    Bots get stuck at a few parts. They sometimes get stuck at the church windows and refuse to use the doors.
    They also start to "hang" sometimes at the church tower area.
    And the biggest con I found. I could go up at the tower and then jump from the tower up on the church roof.
    I lost 30-40hp but the zombies could not reach me up there and I got gold medal without even trying.
    I will rate this 95+ if you fix the problems. This map is almost perfect :P.
    It would be awesome if you use this in a campaign someday

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