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  • EshmawyMan

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    I Enjoyed Your Work

    Finished your work in 2hrs & 45min & 8 Restarts on Expert Single Player Mode. 
    1st Chapter (Restarted 3 times) was so tough for me especially when it started with "Here They Come" script and hordes came everywhere. I died there and spawned in that closet on the other side, but bots were not programmed enough to go from that way down there and move according to the right navigation to get to me so it all went in vain and the regular incoming attacks killed them while bugging around my closet trying to get me out. Another time it was the tank that was waiting for us to move after horde attacks and it even showed up along with hordes once I moved ahead to that t2 shotgun.I encountered that button above the railhouse that was not activated once I was there as I kept pressing E but nothing happened till it worked on its own or one lucky pressing activated it. bots were moving up and down that roof as if they wanted to get something like pills or any item. FPS dropped once or twice as the screen froze and I remember I had to shut down the game and start over. There was a witch at that time I finished that chapter. I took care of everything. It was little bit long, but it was fine for me. 
    2nd Chapter (Restarted Twice) was shorter than expected and that time when I died was because of that tank that showed up and kept chasing me after it incapacitated them all after that fireplace and it surprised me coming from over that roof and I was late to move and avoid its punches. The time I passed that chapter found like 2 witches right before the safe door walking while the steam was blinding me, but I managed to take the right steps towards the safe room and the bot left was a bait to witches and even incoming specials and hordes. I remember I survived alone.
    3rd Chapter (Restarted Once) was short too and we encountered a tank before that pump house and hordes were so many scattered everywhere on the way to that pump house. I already activated that button and saw health kits and supplies. Again lame bots were going up and down and I remember Rochelle was stuck down there and got incapacitated by hordes, then a bot went down for help. I moved to the roof to find more supplies and that ladder and I remember that it was not really necessary to activate the button unless we want more supplies and kits. That nasty broken house with the car on the way to the safe room made me stuck till more hordes came in regular incoming attacks, then I encountered a tank and I tried to pass it running to safe room, but my HP was low enough so I got incapacitated by some zombies or by a hunter. 
    4th Chapter was passed from first time. Yes, I know it was considered the longest in all chapters and hardest to fight like 3 tanks. 1 on the way to the last panic event and 2 once we explode that barrel to make that way to the safe room, but I somehow managed to do it all and left bots behind once I found I was surrrounded by 2 tanks from different corners. I loved how you opened some places once we got to them the way you desinged the chapter as we could then move back easily. I studied how we got to that roof and what we are supposed to do next or where to go afterwards and I also remember that those barrels on roof exploded on their own and thankfully no bot was damaged by them while zombies came from everywhere, but once I saw those 2 tanks, I decided to take that shortcut and my HP was good enough to make that jump over that ledge to another spot that took me quickly to the way we opened and a poor witch was waiting below that ladder and was shot in no time, then fought a jockey or a hunter and finally a nasty smoker was about to get me, but I was faster to shoot it and found I got to the safe room. Hordes may have been busy with incapacitated bots so the way to safe room was almost clear.
    5th Chapter (Restarted Twice) Firstly, I thought that final spot was on that roof where that panel was there, but it was just a panic event station to open something, then move to the final spot where the radio existed. I didn't see those ways, ropes or ladders taking you to that bridge that was over the docks. I was just on that roof in front of the building where the radio existed and tanks quickly came right after hordes so I didn't find it easy at all to fight them from there. Once we died and restarted that chapter I was totally alone while bots were still dead. This is bad and lame. I got my pipe and ran towards those buildings hoping I could find some spawning closets and found one to get them all out, but I found a nice glitch that was encountered once in "Crash Course Modified" which was the door of the spawning room was invincible so none could get through it and I took it as a nice camping spot for me and for my bots. No tank, no zombie or a special infected could come in and we just shot all through the door. I always use whatever glitch I find in any new custom campaigns I try especially when I play them from the first time on Expert Single Player Mode.
    I don't exactly remember if it only took me 2 restarts to do it, but I already got my screenshot of the ending credits and how much time spent and I played it long ago like over a month before I made this review which ****** me off so much because I may have missed some important details regarding any bugs. Also, thanks to the admin system, I managed to deal with some nasty ****** bot navigation issues especially when I decided to take bots back with me after starting the finale jumping back to where we came from I teleported all of them with me because they were lame enough to catch up with me quickly as they always got surrounded by hordes so typing some codes would just bring those ****** bots with me whenever I wanted instead of leaving them behind because of a ****** navigation issue. Otherwise, I would honestly give a rating lower than 4 stars like 3 or maybe 2 stars too. 
    Finally, I want to let you know I read each and every comment left on your campaign here on gamemaps starting with the first comment in the lowest part of this page till the last comment before mine, whether it was one of your updates comments or reviewer comments and I saw how much work you spent and how you updated us with everything you added or modified. Read it all and wish all bugs are fixed without the lame need to type some ****** codes to fix such issues. Good Luck!

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