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    Why dozens of special infected?

    Just like the crazy No Mercy Daylight Campaign, It is infested with triple special infected of each type...Why? and they all come together....why? It's just a daylight mode. At least make a double of 2 two types attacking at a time. This is pointless Really. However, I managed to beat it in 1hr & 8min on Expert single player after 6 attempts and final panic event was nothing and wasn't attacked by the crazy numbers of specials I don't know why? I just skipped the first part of this second chapter by setting the game on Easy as I was for the first time tired of repeating over and over again that chapter until I get to the depot and I am absolutely sure I can do it, but was lazy in a way as I previously did it on Crash Course Modified and Crash Course Original on Expert with Bots. Once I reached the final spot I turned it back to Expert and did it from first time. It was a really piece of cake for me as long as, at least, I have one bile bomb. Please make it different with new environments or navigation roots to saferoom, not with dozens of specials and infected... Good Luck!

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