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    Don't Make Maps Again If They Are Going To Be Like That!

    First 3 levels were so fine and normal as one can clearly see the difference between daytime and nighttime in both, original and this custom thing which was so good and reasonably handled whether for SP Mode or MP mode even on Expert.
    The semi finale level (The Hospital) was stuffed with over 40 witches along the way to Elevator which was insane for Expert SP mode player like me, but one can take it step by step and take those witches out one by one with an accurate shotgun shot right in the head. The real trouble is Bots are known to be naive dumb and **** so one mistake from them = i lose one of them and high chances to get killed by incoming zombies or Special infected, if not being killed by one of witches by mistake. 
    This campaign is meant to be L4D1 modified campaign. So what? So this means Only Special Infected in L4D1 game play should be there... Oh wait! It's there on L4D2 steam game so You will have to encounter those Special infected in L4D2 game. But why isn't there any single Bile Bomb along the whole ****** campaign? To make it L4D1 style or WTF? NO ****** balance at all!!!!
    So one has to go through a hail of crying *itches with noob bots and zombies incoming from time to time along with 6 Special infected coming in turns and only 1 medkit for each survivor and no one Bile Bomb and barely any common bombs like Molotov or Pipe bombs and you have to clear the way to make space for you or lame bots in case we retreat or move here or there to avoid getting easily killed by any of those *itches? This is insane! Not a challenge at all. No balance to bring all L4D1 campaign on L4D2 game.
    Restarted That level many many times and i even got closer to safe room after elevator where i met witches too along with zombies that i wouldn't be able to use any bomb with because it would be useless when i startle one of witches by mistake. I died only few steps from safe room because of lame bots and those witches, but finally made it to safe room and had to kill all Bots to bring them 50% HP on next level that i thought it would be easier.
    Upon starting The finale **** thing, i found more Witches in Corridor so i said it's only few steps and i get to the roof and it would be no big deal comparing it to the hospital **** thing. But upon getting to the roof i find more and more witches moving all over the roof and i even believe they were more than *itches in the previous lame level. Tried many times to get to the radio thing, but Witches were there making it hard for me with Bots to get to radio without sacrifice.
    After trying many times, i managed to take a left shortcut leaving all Bots to death by zombies and witches sneaking to Radio clearing the entire roof from *itches which took 15-20 min to wait for each witch to be alone to bring her down and move to another. Afterwards, i brought Bots from those boxes on roof healed them all and set everything ready for panic event to start.
    And the surprising **** showed up which was to fight all special infected in game coming altogether at the same time and not only 1 of each Special Infected, but x2 or even x3 of each one!!!!!!!! Just WHY?! WTF?!!!!!!!
    And still no single bile bomb was there, only 3 medkits for each survivor that won't be used because one won't have any time for them as death will come in a glance. What would 2 mini-guns do with such madness?!!! Even the best Multiplayer Team won't stand a chance in front of this insanity!!!
    So i spent over 15 hours opening my laptop for 2 days to keep record of my achievement of this lame campaign to see how many hours and how many restarts i would take to finish this campaign on Expert Mode, but i ended up changing difficulty to Easy because i thought it would be best for such insanity, BUT even Easy didn't make me beat that ************** finale and Bots fell in no time because you got no time when you are attacked by 4 Special infected at the same time swimming in goo and vomits from everywhere.
    So i Quit the campaign, closed the game and deleted the ****** add-on from add-ons folder.
    This is not a challenge AT ALL, it's nothing but madness and screwed modification.
    So i officially reached Radio on Finale **** with Bots on Expert Mode and cleared the entire roof from *itches. This is the best i could do as a hardcore SP Expert Mode L4D player.. The best one can do and no more can be achieved through the further madness.
    Getting Out, White Forest, Nightmare On Library Street & Heaven Can Wait are more logical and reasonable than this **** thing.
    Lameness, Madness & A waste of time. Not recommending it whether for SP or MP, Expert or even Easy.
    I made a long review for this **** thing and for the first time and after Clicking Add review, the server went down and i lost everything i typed and waited till the server is back again to retype what i got in mind but sadly in another different way that didn't really describe what i have encountered well and how bad i feel which made me super madder for that thing and the website is down for the first time putting a review for this campaign which means it's a really bad sign.

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