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The Last Stand Daytime(LightHouse Daytime)

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    Really low effort campaign with minimal changes that makes things worse than they should be. First of all, there's already a daytime version of The Last Stand (The Last Daylight) and it's far superior. Second, the skybox makes the maps look really bad (see attached image.) As for the changes, they're not good.. at all. The crane event lags now (ping spike.) There's just a bunch of random wandering witches at the end of chapter 1 which are easy to avoid thankfully, but unnecessary. There's an extra tank to both tank waves, which is cool, I don't mind that. The worst change however, is there's two groups of extra gas cans for the scavenge bit of the finale, which... why?! Completely unnecessary, and 1 of the 2 bunches is placed all the way at the dock, which takes forever to transport, just a waste of time. Oh and there's a Back 4 Blood poster on the finale... yay. Just play The Last Daylight, lol.

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