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  • DHenk

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    Terrible !!

    I played all the maps except the last one (I'd had enough by then). 
    1. Nonsensical terrain. It's as if items were simply thrown here and there. Invisible walls everywhere!
        The beaches were the worst as it was like slogging across the Gobi Desert. 
    2. The first 2 maps have the weird slopes that you go to the top and follow it. It drops straight down on one side. 
        Ladders are used to go up and down to get around roadblocks which is just ridiculous.
    3. OK, if you want to have that many tanks then how about providing some ammo at the very least. I burned through
        my supply and had to use the pistols vs tanks.
    4. What's with all the empty tents strewn around?
    5. Bot navigation was shaky in areas (including safe rooms where I wanted to heal them and they kept dancing around).
    So overall the Campaign seems more like a first draft idea than anything close to a finished product.
    I seldom give bad reviews (never if it's an Alpha or Beta version) but this supposedly completed one gets a 2. I deleted it
    from my add on folder (I keep my add on maps in a desktop folder and move them to the game folder. No conflicts and
    easy to find.

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