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《HOME TOWN》Custom Weapon

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    Really enjoyable experience! A few problems though I think. Tank on chapter 1: seems to have been boosted to 15k health, combined with the fact that on expert, this'll be very tedious, and the fact that the director can spawn a second tank at this point is a bit unfair, especially since you have crap weapons at this point and maybe one or two guys with only pistols. I think that the tank shouldn't have increased health in my opinion. Chapter 2 was great, cool level design and custom sequences. Chapter 3 was fine as well, although if you run ahead of the bots they might get left behind and refuse to move until you run back to them. The finale is epic, a custom holdout scenario with some cool ideas, definitely worth a play and looking forward to the finished version!

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    this map called ''No Rain'' u can get it in the steam workshop.

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