Left 4 SGC Beta v2.2 (Part 2 of 2)

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    *COPIED FROM PART 1 Nearly a perfect campaign. The only problems where optimization issues on chapter 3 and 4. Chapter 3's weren't that bad as the ping returned to normal soon after you leave the starting building. Chapter 4's however was a constant 140 ping (as host!), which, unless you're the host will offer completely unplayable gameplay. Also i think one of the bots spawned outside the saferoom on chapter 4, and it took a while for them to teleport to me, but nothing major, they just couldn't gear up before the adventure began. Other changes I'd recommend are less jumpscares, although funny are somewhat pointless, ahhh you can keep them if you want! And make the finale less generic, because as it currently stands it's pretty bland and could use a revamp. The rest of the campaign though was a lot of fun, and I appreciate the changes/additions since the last version. Plenty of supplies and unique scenarios to go through, worth a go!

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Version 2.2 Beta

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