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    *REPOST FROM SOURCE Nice campaign. However, chapters are extremely long, so if you die you loose allot of progress which is going to make people rage quit. Also it's possible to get stuck in some areas, had to use noclip to get out of an area. Also, why does sewage deal damage to you? I was taken by a jockey into the sewege and I kept on taking random amounts of damage, and it was right next to the safe room as well which was a very stupid idea. Other than that I really liked it. Amazing map design, quite immersive and allot of effort went into it. No botnav errors. No glitches/bugs. Great work.
    VC2 - Great campaign. I did encounter a few issues though. Chapter 3 has optimization issues, expect high ping even on a local server. Bots tend to suicide quite a lot throughout the campaign. One instance is at the elevator where Coach is hanging from the ledge, if you activate the lift before the bots get there, they attempt to teleport and fall to their deaths. I encountered a few standard ladder suicides as well. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend playing this with bots as they tend to either die or get stuck behind a lot. Bots out of the way, I felt chapter 3 is a bit too long for my liking, could've made a separate chapter here tbh. Hordes where a bit much at times, especially chapter 5. Other than that though, good ole zombie killin' fun!

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