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    The campaign is pretty good, although my pc is weak my fps was between 25 and 26 on the first map, and i don't blame, since this map is really well done and built, i've ran into some missing textures and skybox in it, but subscribing some missing content fix addons solved the problem, one of the things i would like to point out is that one part in the first map that has too many witches, wich i found really unnecessary, since my team of bots almost died on it. Although this might be a personal problem i find the third, fourth and fifth maps a little claustrophobic, and also there's 5 tanks in a tunnel in the finale wich i thought it might have been a bug with the director, but after checking in some reviews i saw i wasn't the only one who experienced this problem. 
    The note I give is: 7/10
    Although playing with bots is possible, it's more fun to play with players.

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Version 2.0 Final

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