special task3【特殊任务3】

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  • TrixxxyStar

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    liked it much

    ok i  played this map with sibling today and this is a ok but fun overall map mostly is like surprises and illusion passages map 1 & 2 is kinda fast IMO and that tree that u  use when u go down oh boi that was a fun challege had to retry that part 3 times XD and ohh in map 5  go straight pass through cornfields and go check on those  walls just in case u don't miss em out but im sure u will notice there's a lines  on walls as well. u can get through and once u find  it and went through it there's a tank waiting on that side. about the finale  is BIG yikes lul still very fun map hope more will be created in future i salute to the creators who spend time making great fun maps long or short so 3 stars for fun and effort

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