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Yigao School (Fixed)

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you. Finished in 1hr, 10min & 1 Restart on Expert Single Player Mode

    Look, I just downloaded this campaign without reading a line of what you mentioned about the description of the campaign and the clues order including how and where we can do it. I just started and it was funny starting while like 5 zombies were around inside our classroom. I moved the book shelves and took my axe before that. I loved how you distributed weapons along the map starting with M16 maybe on the same floor or the lower floor from where we started the chapter and it was in the area linking the two big floors of both sides together. It was without any directions and I loved to discover it myself. I was afraid I spend too much on it because of the big number of classes I saw on both sides and stairs taking us down from 3 places. I just kept moving and fighting hordes that come from time to time starting to learn more about the map. Finally found the shotgun, but bot didn't take my used M16 and I had to move around and get to that corpse of that guard from the other side so that the bot picks up the weapon. I don't remember where the 3rd weapon was, but we found it. I saw that Danger sign and I expect I would meet a tank inside once I start something or press a button, but it was a group of 5 witches. There was nothing necessary there, but some supplies and M60 as I can remember. I got lost a little bit becasue there were many doors as some of them could be opened while others were just locked so I had to move here and there many times. On 3rd floor, I found that computer and it gave me the first display card. I startled the horde that came from both doors of the class, but we were fine. What I really loved about that panic event is that music followed it. It was so lovely and relaxing to me. The class color went into purple and I didn't even want to leave the class till the music stops. I thank you for such addition. I moved on to find that steer wheel and kept moving finding another weapon. There were 3 weapons with us. I finally found that place where I should put the wheel and that was a surpise to find two tanks with hordes coming XD I actiavted sacrifice mode for bots and found a way out while setting 1 tank on fire and running to the classes side where I can freely fight and it was all fine regardless of the fact that I was getting chased by 1-2 special infected, but I managed to do it and got back to where that cuffin\box was and I found a defibrillator to use for one bot and moved on to find the other 2 bots later inside one of these empty rooms and it was really good for me to boost to my survival chances lol. I kept searching till I found that office and it was again a really good looking one. It was well decorated & organized. It was almost dark, except for that office with body that got the key. I was still lost as I didn't know where that door I need to find to use that key for. At that moment I had two display cards, one from class and another from that box outside. I even thought that I will move one to after where that cuffin or box exists, but safe room was there on first floor. Once we got there, bots moved through the door I needed to open from that class next to it and I thought there is going to be a final panic event and most probably another tank is coming with hordes, but nothing happend and bots joined me inside that class while opening the door to safe room :) 
    The finale had nothing to do with school and please don't tell me that playfield exists in school as it's like a field for athletes where we play basketball, running and more sports XD It was totally safe and so much space to fight zombies scattered here and there in peace. I searched any building was there and looked into each and every tent looking for all supplies I need before starting the finale. I wondered how that finale would be, but I got much hope it was going to be easy. I kept moving and I found those frozen objects or bodies of zombies by goal post and they were the same as those bodies frozen in first chapter on multiple floors. It was like you were filming those moments when infection spread and people turned into zombies. I finally reached the finale area where the radio existed and I expected a really hard fight, but it was the easiest :) Hordes came from so far away and gave us much time to shoot and reload. The funniest was the tank that came from far away trying to hit us with rocks. It was so funny and easy finale. The most relaxed finale I have been through. When rescue came, we were notified with the place where the vehicle and I finally threw the bile and moved in peace with bots while tank and hordes were chasing and a little bit closer to us XD 
    I loved how you wanted to commemorate your school where you graduated and you did a really good job there. You did your part in description too to make it easy for those who want to know clues before playing and you make that unrelated finale to chapter 1 XD but it was so cool. The outro background was for Dead Air... Why? lol... Keep it up and I hope there are some other maps made by you to try and leave my review there.

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