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  • LilG

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    It's berry guuud!

    I like the campaign,no errors or glitches while playing. Only weird thing was sometimes the bots would get stuck or not follow me around,but they did teleport to the saferoom. The traps did end up killing them over and over at least they were plenty of defribs around. The custom Chinese music was a nice touch.
    The death traps were annoying but reviving the bots wasn't too much of a problem. 
    Also what's up with the finale? There were so many hordes of common but only a few tanks it affected my fps when I tried to record my run.
    Also I don't know what the problem is but I kept getting crashes during play,I ended up playing in vanilla.Even having just survivor/weapon skins seemed to cause a crash. The warning about too many index buffer came up which means too many mods but the map seemed to hate any mods.
    Aside from that,good job on the campaign.

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Version 3.2 Beta

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