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  • kurochama

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    Short but enjoyable & perfectly worked

    I finished this campaign in 29 mins in Singleplayer, normal difficulty, while still enjoying my time to explore the areas. Some maps have alternative routes leading to the same path. However, I only found Tier 1 weapons on the first two maps, but that's fine as the supplies are enough.
    The finale is fun. It has a rescue trap. I made the right decision to defend inside a building. The rescue van drove in high speed in a hurry, so it's possible to get hit if some survivors are on its way.
    In short, it's a fun & enjoyable campaign if you want to play for fun with friends or alone. The bot navigation is fine in overalls, though in the beginning of map 1, the bots need to get pushed near the weapons on the table to make them pick the weapons. I'll keep this map to my collection.

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