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    Pretty bad and buggy campaign, if the issues were resolved it wouldn't be that bad. First of all navmesh is pretty mediocre, prepare to see bots teleporting quite a bit. Chapter 1 rolls pretty smooth, can't really complain. Chapter 2 was fine up until the dumpster event, I guess I broke it by jumping on it too early or something, but either way, when I did the bots teleported into the air but landed safely in the water, I had everyone teleport back up but the button did nothing, so thankfully there's a failsafe (unintentional or not) by simply jumping down into the water, and you can proceed fine from here on,  bots may hang off the dumpster when this chaos is going on. The finale is pretty uneventful, bots don't grab any supplies (there's also none in the saferoom) and the navmesh is really bad in the finale area so specials get stuck. You may have to push bots into the rescue as well. Overall has potential to be a good campaign but needs some serious polishing as it's in a buggy state, the map design is actually pretty good as well.

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