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The Punisher

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    Thank You. Enjoyed.

    Finished it on Expert Single Player Mode in 3 hours, 50 minutes & 8 Restarts.
    Chapter 1 was almost the longest in this campaign and one of the longest chapters in all L4D campaigns I have come through. There was that switch in the mine and I decided to avoid it for a reason to see what it will open and if we are to run or not. So I found that we could move on without turning it on as it was mostly for turning lights on and that would bring hordes and I know that from "Dark TowerThe Dark Tower 1 The Gunslinger" I managed to keep my HP 100 till 90% of that chapter although I encountered a tank and a witch along with all types of special infected and hordes coming every few seconds. There are plenty of health kits we could find after passing a certain spot. They were over placed, but none would hate to have more and more especially when I don't know what is coming next :p for it was my first time trying that work. That alarm thing I expected especially after that room in the mine where we got more health kits and ammo, but thankfully, no hordes were triggered XD Searched every room and
    killed every zombie and special infected spawned. It was long, but I enjoyed.
    Chapter 2 was an introduction to the water environment and the hordes attack on us from above was unexpected and nice. To search for a key in a body is a nice touch and I knew that time was to trigger hordes and was ready as we swept them away in few seconds and moved on to find more kits XD It was good enough and that tank we encountered was in a pretty open space to run and shoot. However, Coach decided to enter the room of supplies for whatever reason and got incapacitated. I guess this was a navigation issue. Loved that flying helicopter that flew away once we got out and it gave a feeling of a real bunker or base looking at all these armored cars and helicopters.
    Chapter 3 was a weird move from a base place to suddenly find a great bushy wall of bushes behind me and found I was about to enter the dark forest. I don't remember if it was rainy or not, but I do hate campaigns or chapters with dozens of trees or rain. My first restart was on that chapter when I got closer to that crying witch in the ground and missed 1 shot in her head with my auto-shotgun which ruined my experience for I didn't want to restart any chapter as possible as I could and not for such a stupid reason for me. Before moving to the witch, there was a tower up there and we all moved to it, but upon moving down, Rochelle fell off and died. 1 health kit wasn't pickable up there so I got hers. There was a nasty navmesh by the end of that chapter as bots I and bots fell down that pond and I managed to save Rochelle from spawning closet while I was far from that door which was funny. Afterwards, bots fell down in the pond again and I killed Coach and waited for others to die, but Rochelle wasn't
    attacked by hordes. Instead, they came to the safe room door and she was only hit by a charger punch once.Even Jockey couldn't get to her. By the time I waited, I was surprised by the spawning of Coach inside the safe room in an opened small room as Coach tried to get to Rochelle, but failed so I moved out quickly to shoot her to death and went inside.
    Chapter 4 was the worst in this chapter as it was the second longest chapter after chapter 1, but that was not the issue. The issue was the bushy woods along with rocks and thick rain that really got my eyes hurt... I restarted twice that chapter especially by that spot before the last wooden post with supplies. I hardly could see hordes and bots are there to shoot everything, but when tank came they all died and I was alone once and in the other try, we got vomits from boomer along with the nasty jockey who incapacitated all of us in few seconds. This is why I rate this work as 4 star, not 5 because of the sick rain regardless of all supplies there.
    Chapter 5 started in the woods too and I loved those 2 houses as we found plenty of supplies as usual, but we couldn't pick up the gascan or propane tank just like the health kit that I couldn't pick up in that tower. Bots were able to kick every zombie's b*tt before I get to them with my magnum that I used instead of any melee weapon due to the balanced and easy handling of zombie waves along the campaign. We finally got to some kind of facilities to see clearer and kill that crying walking witch and before it I met a tank outside in the bush area. We made it up there and to the loveliest environment in L4D community which is Urban environment. triggered an alarm car and it was pretty easy to handle, but the really new surprise for me was those cars that exploded if you shot them by mistake. I loved it, but hated due to the fact I died right in front of the safe room because there was a car in front of it and a lame bot shot a zombie and exploded the car and flames killed me quickly in the middle of the
    reviving process by a bot. All the way to safe room was good and I saw a copied part from "Leaving Home" campaign, which came out to be another work made by you :) Glad I still have the memory to get it. This explains why those thick wood rainy chapters looked like that. You even got 4 stars there too XD . Restarting all the way again to the safe room because a stupid bot shot that exploding car like that was so unlucky annoying thing.
    Chapter 6 was in Urabn and underground environments and it was good although I lost 2 stupid bots who shot the 2 cars after the manhole as we were standing and fighting some hordes upon opening that manhole to resume with only 1 bot down there and it was not that hard to do so till I got only 1 bot that spawned in a weird spot without a door and Rochelle got Coach out. Shot that witch to death and moved on till we got to the safe room.
    Chapter 7 started and I was outside the safe room XD so I had to open the door for them to leave. I don't know if they would join me or not If I didn't. It was like a maze for me for I went to the right the first time I played it thinking I was going to stay there for finale fight, but found nothing at all. Upon moving down again 2 bots fell and got incapacitated and I went back to find that I should have moved to left. That big wooden house I really liked and wondered where to stand and fight and thought I was going to fight 2 tanks together and so on thinking you would make it really harder. Found a spot where none would reach us and that was up that building on the wooden ledge on the other side of those glass windows that can't be opened or moved through. But upon moving down to explore more about the area or to start the finale, no bot joined me and they were stuck up there so I decided to start it alone and stay by those stairs, but failed and died when charger came to me while none of them came to save as they were completely stuck. The room of supplies in that house was the biggest room of supplies I've ever seen :) The weird thing was the absence of any sniper rifle in this game and I guess it was the same for "Leaving Home" campaign. So all types of weapons and guns even mini-guns except for melees and sniper rifles. Actually no melee was needed at all as it was so balanced campaign and a magnum would do all the job. On the second try, tank killed all bots along with zombies so I stayed alone and Died again by the time the rescue arrived and I was standing on a safe glitchy spot up that wall watching all hordes and special was luckily a spitter so I could avoid in peace as I survived an entire zombie wave alone, but when the second tank came up that house 1 rock was enough to knock me down.On the 3rd try, I was about to leave that side of house to jump into the water, then to the woods part, but zombies were so many and I didn't bring a bile with me. On 4th try, I prepared myself well and I and bots survived till the second wave and tank came, then rescue showed up and it was not designed to show up after the second wave, but according to a set time. A jockey screwed our run while we were chased by a tank and hordes so I fell and Nick saved me while bots were about to die so I took the bills and used my bile bomb to jump off that wall into the woods and up that ladder that I figured out to be the place where the rescue would be and that was during the second try when I figured out.
    The funny thing was that I saw 2 helicopters up in the sky, one is almost above me or in front of that water tank tower outside the house area and the other helicopter was up that tower where we should climb on the right after we left safe room. Enjoyed your work just like "Leaving Home" Only some errors that existed there and some ruined my experience a little bit, but in general, it was nice. Thank you!

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