Grey Scale

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  • PeanutButterJellyZed

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    not bed but could be better.

    - good nav 
    - item spawns are terrible
    - not very good with infected spawns, had to fight tanks with melee and single pistols lol. 
    - director just throws infected your way nonstop no breathing room, often stacking multiple SI at once
    - too many rushed crescendo events 
    - the tight layout isn't very fun for fighting tanks on higher difficulties 
    - SI drops on your head a lot
    - all reused asset so it feels very samey
    - the map design doesn't feel realistic 
    if you play on easy or normal mode it might not be too bad. its a very old campaign so its all passable, campaign had potential and it would be cool if it could be updated with more modern conventions and more unique assets.

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