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Buried Deep

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  • 5 Long Maps
  • Heavy atmosphere for the most part
  • Also heavy action for certain events
  • Custom music and easter eggs
  • References to movies, series or other games


  • PsihoDuck

    Posted this review


    Very atmospheric!

    Great level design, darkness, movie references, and a lot of area to explore. I liked the horrific atmosphere (love horror movies).
    I generally liked the whole idea of this campaign.
    Challenging but not too much: me and bots played on normal difficulty and finish successfully (well it was a bit more hard at part with jammed elevator because of massive hordes and special infected, we even lost Louis but not for long :)) Well, you could expect really a lot of zombies here: during the entire game session, we killed 7002.
    At the second map, my ******* did't notice a hole in the floor, so I wandered through the corridors for a long time in search of a way out and later I was like whaaaat there was a way out the whole time??? xD
    In conclusion, I want to say that I enjoyed playing this campaign. Many thanks to the author!

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