Grave Consequences - Campaign

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  • Aazell

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    Stole my maps

    This is my map set. I gave no permission for this to be uploaded to this site. The admin's don't respond and I can't get it taken down. Please do not play this map from here. Go find it on Steam. That's the only version I'm keeping updated snd updates are happening regularly. DarthDed... try making something of your own instead of stealing other peoples hard work.

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  • Jim_Partridge_Mapping

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • 3 Maps
    The Tsunami City : Dark Tide

    海啸暴发后,幸存者们逃到楼顶,在海水和丧尸潮中寻求救援... After the tsunami hit, survivors fled to the roof of the building, seeking rescue in the sea and the tide of zombies... 建图代码 - Map Code ttc_m1_college ttc_m2_roof ttc_m...

    • Updated
  • 5 Maps
    Infected City 2 Fixed

    Hindi ko ginawa ito. Kung nais ng may-ari ito ay ibababa ito ay aalisin. The epic story continues... Survivors must make their way through an infected city to escape the zombie apocalypse, again. Added stringtable files to all m...

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    5-Shot Buckshot Revolvers 1.5

    UPDATED TO VERSION 1.5! Now you may pause the game even if using the console and there's no friendly fire. If you like revolvers, you'll LOVE this mod! It gives ANY handgun 5-shots of buckshot with stupendous power! The magnum gives ...