Big Brother Survival 2

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    + Nice Designed House.
    + Includes Many Weapons.
    + Enough Zombies.
    + AI Support.
    + AI Nav.
    + Great FOV.
    + Enough Supplies.
    + Gnome.
    + Lighting.


    - Zombies Can Get Stuck A Bit.
    - Mass Gnome Spawning, Caused A Bit Of Lag.
    - Invisible Tank..? 


    Had a pretty fun time while playing this, the gnome lag did get to me a bit. The invisible tank could be personal so I didn't really drop the score because of that. The lag and the zombies were my main problem. The zombies could tend to get slowed down and or completely frozen in a spot if you go in the blue room, near the rescue button. The map isn't bad, it's got a nice design and a challenge to go along with it. I definitely recommend. :-D

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