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    Not Bad

    Played on Expert Single Player Mode and finished in 3 hours & 12 minutes with 15 restarts. There were certain moments when crazy reactions must take place because hordes came mostly with tanks especially along the last 3 chapters and none can make the stupid bots act intelligently. Always managed to survive with the company of 2 other bots or even 1 bot till the finale. 
    Strong primary weapons were not enough and i saw there were so limited ammo piles because they were limited to certain spots on each level while one has to face insane waves of zombies from more than one spot along with Specials. So bad. Most Restarts took place on the last 3 chapters and mainly on finale that was passed only by me playing alone after all Bots died. It was intense and i stood in a spot where i can run and shoot without getting stuck and incapacitated by hordes. 
    Got some screenshots on finale and when Rescue came and before that time came, i thought it was broken just like other campaigns where Rescue never came while there were no zombies, tank or specials. But realized that something is up there behind the mini-gun and it was all by myself fought a wave or 2 and no tanks came. It was bugged i knew it, but i used that bug by standing far there away from that castle as the game may have run normally with 2 waves along with specials and tanks if i stayed there in castle :) But alone i will die and i suffered to get there on Expert with lame Bots. 
    Hated the fact that i had to fight 2 tanks at the same time especially in narrow spaces along with zombies which was totally unfair as bots sacrificed their stupid butts for me and i suffered surviving alone... So 3 stars are pretty fair for such work. I enjoyed, but on Expert it's insane and i never play on less than Expert unless it's a sick campaign with endless hordes that requires me and lame bots to run to rescue or safe room. On the chapter before finale, i managed to beat those 2 tanks coming behind us while dead end was behind me and that was by moving to far left while shooting so that i make one of them fall down there and to have only one tank left to die upon reaching us or after bringing one of us or 2 down ;) It's never easy to play with Bots, but i used to it anyway.... Good Luck

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