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  • kurochama

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    Good mini campaign for puzzle lovers with higher puzzle difficulty

    Hmmmm, I finished it in 48 minutes. I was right to choose easy mode (without time limit), as I'm not good enough at solving puzzles fast. & I was kind of relieved that the puzzles were not as difficult as the old "Silent Hill" campaign. & I found the last lever by luck, just by smashing things with my fireaxe & it hit something. The only threat here is the shadow tank. The place is too narrow to run from the tank. Luckily, the shadow tank targeted some bots so I just escaped back to the garage. There are some traps, but they are not difficult to avoid. The trap level is still playable in normal way, & there are no troll traps. This campaign focuses on puzzles, so there's no zombie except one common behind a cell & a shadow tank.
    The only drawbacks here are the lack of clues & the shadow tank pursuit in a narrow place. Some items don't glow. I still have no idea how the nail-like items work. I just collected them & put on a certain place without knowing the function.
    In short, it's a good mini campaign about puzzles. Anyone who wants to test the puzzle-solving skill or just try to experience solving puzzles can try this one. The puzzle difficulty is easier than the old Silent Hill campaign, but not easy enough to solve just by walking around. As long as you observe anything around you carefully, you can finish the campaign. For the normal & hard modes of this campaign, maybe other people who love challenge can try, as I'm not a good at solving puzzles under pressure of time limit because I usually play in slow pace.
    • I appreciate your review. I can't say with certainty but I think those spike objects simply open a door along the path. I didn't even notice those when I tested this before uploading it though so they seem a bit too obscure to be required items. Idk.
      Was trying to mix the clues up a bit, there's a few things that make a static sound that are probably the hardest to notice. There's a handful of random indicators that seem purely visual but actually point to an optional item or area too.
      Anyways, I don't wanna give away too many clues so I'll cut it there.

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