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Field of the Dead

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Not Bad

    Thanks a lot for such work, but it's sadly incomplete.
    First chapter was a nice beginning as i love it in a way that i have no supplies at all and i spend time searching to get stronger with arms and kits, but there were some invisible props in the barn and i wonder why that ladder was highlighted lol so that we see it? 
    Second chapter was not bad, but still got invisible doors especially that door leading to the slaughter spot with meat and blood as i could see it, but couldn't enter that area. Cinema was so plain and got no seats or posters to make it look like a real cinema. Hordes came afterwards and nothing was shown that i should move or run to safe room. However, it took me like 5-6 times to finish both chapters. Since you got enough time to update and make it a pure complete campaign, but you didn't finish it, 2 stars are good for both chapters. Good Luck

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