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Fallen Fortress

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  • kurochama

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    One of good campaigns to enjoy

    Played this textured version, & I got satisfied. I ever played the orange version before, & left some comments here too. Now as the textured version is done, it's time to put a review.
    So far, I have no complaints on most maps & areas. The supplies are enough, directions along with object highlights are clear. This campaign is about exploration through streets, buildings & industrial areas. The routes are not confusing as at some explorable areas players can choose to walk to the main route or go into building & alternative route to check for supplies. There are some objectives, but they're simple objectives so players won't have problem in clearing them.
    The only problem I found is the bot's behavior during holdout finale. I ever put this too on the old comments when it was still orange version. Bots have strange behavior if players camp at a closed area behind the ladder near the radio. If players camp there, bots will keep moving around like jumping down & then climbing up ladder, & jumping down again etc. This could be dangerous for bots as their strange movements will make them easy targets for zombies & special infected.
    Other than one problem I mentioned above, everything is fine & fun to play.

    Edited: May 2022

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