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    ==map1 (coast)==
    + liked the environment
    + good size for a survival map
    + have to watch your step in darkness so you won't fall to your death
    Rate: 7.0
    ==map 2 (docks)==
    + the docks where you spawn looks nice
    + nice idea on how to start the survival
    + fairly large and different spots to hold out (streets,garage,docks)
    Rate: 7.5
    ==map 3 (pool)==
    + we won't actually die from touching the water whit our feet
    + nice idea on starting the survival
    + broken part where only zombies can get trough


    ==map1 (coast)==
    - not much supplies
    - should've have more ways to spawn zombies around
    ==map2 (docks)==
    - not much detail
    - the fog in 3d skybox (or the towers far away) doesn't really fit
    - searching the start button took longer than surviving <_> (but found it)
    ==map3 (pool)==
    - Not much detail
    - kinda small , but good
    ~ bots jumped in the pool , drowning and didn't feel like going out of it , kinda funny lol


    (this has been my first review yet, sorry if it ate a bit of ur scrollbar)
    conclusion map1: Rated 7.0
    I liked the map, the darkness also fitted. size is good , had fun playing this.
    conclusion map2: Rated 7.5
     i also liked this map , alltough took a while to actually be able to start the survival. 
    glad to have played this map , just preferred more detail. (but thats just me)
    conclusion map3: Rated 7.5
    liked this map. most favorite in the survival pack , only kinda small.
    full conclusion:
    I had fun playing these 3 maps , alltought hey didnt had much detail. didn't had much guns either , but there were enough. Sad i couldn't play it whit other people , but bots are... uhm, ... "nearly" the same...

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