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Left 4 Duluth

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    First of all I have to say I like your effort. (+0.5 stars for that)
    This campaign is much better than I expected. When I played this campaign for the first time, I thought it was just another garbage campaign because there're tanks at the beginning of the first map. This time I read all reviews carefully and found that I don't have to fight against the tanks, so I played it again. In the first ten minutes I got bored with hallways very soon. There're a number of hallways with poor detail on the first map. But almost everything got well on the next 3 maps. Surprisedly, I found the map design nice. I had a nice time walking through the city, although the detail and the optimization wasn't satisfying enough for me. Also I have to say the difficulty isn't unbalanced. As a noob, I easily complete the whole campaign on Advanced with no restart before the finale. Yeah, the only thing I disliked is the design of the finale. How can I know that I have to lift up the bridge?
    Overall a great campaign, though there's still room for improvement. Love it.

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