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    Good concepts but poorly executed

    - Car comes smashing through near end of map 1
    - Idea of unlocking door
    - Plenty of doors to open and places to explore
    - Long first and only map, at least
    - Very unevenly balanced for expert. Definitely designed for lower difficulties
    - Tedious intro
    - Annoying having to backtrack all that way for the button, which is in the same spot every time
    - Confusing in the factory where to go to turn off alarm. No direction what so ever. Have to find this tiny thing that you can jump on in the corner. Very annoying for expert playthroughs with constant horde going on 
    - Incomplete
    - No directional arrows what so ever
    Dev has some good ideas, just seems to lack the experience to put them all together, functionally. clearly abandoned but its a good map for lower difficulties for a bit of fun

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