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    Solid Campaign

    There's a lot of creativity and innovation in this map. Not all of it is executed well, but I can still appreciate the thought behind it
    The first chapter has you trapped in an airplane, and you have to find 4 parachutes and exit through the escape door. I was slightly disappointed that we didn't actually get to jump out of the plane, but instead immediately transition to a loading screen. It was still a fresh idea though, as I've never played an airplane level in L4D
    The second chapter has you walking on the path of the Great Wall. There's a lot of patriotism and Communist imagery throughout, which fit the theme of this campaign well. Unfortunately, navigating the Great Wall can be frustrating as it's easy to get lost, with all of the barricades blocking off your path. You have to follow the orange arrows to know where to go. Once you know where you're going though, you have to destroy down barricade with fireworks which triggers a gauntlet on the that leads to the saferoom, which is a lot of fun
    The finale has you free a boat trapped by ice with fireworks, and use that boat as your escape vehicle. It is really hard to do on Expert without human players and teamwork, but it is a neat idea nonetheless. However, I think it was there was missed opportunity to instead use the Chinese fireworks to make a grand lightshow that signals an escape chopper, similar to Dark Carnival.
    Overall, the creators of this campaign put a lot of love into this map and I think you should give it a go.

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