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    A very average campaign at best, it has its highs and lows.Chapter 1 was fine. fully functional. However, chapter 2 seems to be impossible to beat, I don't know if it's just me, but I've spent a good 20 minutes looking for the final 2 gas cans before I just gave up and spawned them in myself. And chapter 2 is boring, bland, has clipping issues and generally is a weak chapter in the campaign. In chapter 3 it could be said that you wait a bit too long for the door to open for the keys, but it wasn't that bad. Also bots couldn't pick up the combat shotgun in the water on chapter 3, speaking of witch, bots for the most part picked up allot of supplies, but sometimes didn't (example, medkits before gauntlet on finale) Also, a smoker is able to pull you from under the platform near the end of the finale, when you're about to go into the open, but luckily, Coach was there to save me whilst the other 2 died from the tank getting punched off of the edge. Overall... a very average campaign and very meh. It's very... wierd and interesting to say the least. I'd say the final verdict would be to sod chapter 2, just skip that and play all the other ones as they're all functional and not too bad. Navmesh worked fine. Again, average.

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