Grave Consequences

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  • 3 Map Campaign
  • 2 Survival Maps
  • Spooky Graveyard and Demonic Underworld Setting
  • Custom Models
  • Halloween Vibes
  • L4D1 Survivors


  • Loserboy

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    Great campaign with one significant flaw...

    Recently played thru both your campaigns (uploaded video for Salvation and will be adding this one soon) and was very impressed with the quality!  Nice to see someone put in the effort to create an actual custom campaign and not just slap together “cookie-cutter” streets and what not.  Excellent details and brilliant colors!  K, now for my whining.  Could not believe my eyes, and the situation I was in, when I limped into that last safehouse…the bots and I on our death beds after that hellish gauntlet…to find there aren’t any med kits!  Getting us all to the finale area alive was a matter of having one bile and a hole lotta sheet luck.  What really added insult to injury is that the finale WILL NOT ACTIVATE if you don’t pick up the gnome shortly after arriving.  There’s plenty of gas and supplies (Thanks much!), so I would strategically place gas cans in preparation for one heckuva fight, just to find nothing happens after picking up the gnome.  The “O sheet” sound would play, but nothing spawned and I would have to kill us off…just to have to desperately try to get everyone there alive again.  After over 20 attempts, I realized I need to grab the gnome quickly.  I can live with the no med kits (well, that’s not exactly true as I died a lot), but please fix the finale not activating.  It would rectify a fairly significant flaw in what is otherwise a fantastic campaign!

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    Cornflower Medkit

    More flower power! Blue cornflower medkit is now available!

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    Crazy Austrian Painter hunter

    Since the Hitler Hunter Noise Fixed mod got removed from Steam, I decided to make my own replacement and a little better. This is a sound mod, not a reskin, so. It uses voicelines from Der Untergang, for the hunter, if you have a skin,...

  • Mod
    All Teen Angst Zoey (arms rig fixes)

    This is an updated version with fixes to its "arms rig". Without going into detail, that lets you use custom items without "stripes" on the screen. Credit to Arby26 for the original model and Crowbait and Zetnus for their fixes. Copyrigh...