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    What an underrated gem! TONS of survivor dialogue, making use of the community voice lines and many unused ones, it felt like they didn't shut up! lol. Great map design, a good balance between survivors and infected, many tense moments. Good amount of supplies throughout, and a pretty nice finale. Only a little quirk with the ending cutscene is that even if survivors die, their voice lines will still play during that cutscene, which of course doesn't make sense, but just a small quirk.

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Version 1.3 Complete

  • Mod
    [ARKNIGHTS] Lappland : Refined Horrormare (All ...

    This is Lappland from Arknights wearing her Refined Horrormare Costume for All Survivors. She is coming with everything that Twenty Doge imported such as; Zoey's Animation, Facial Animations and Jigglebones. I changed her VGUI Icons (Lob...

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  • Mod
    Rayman1103's Mutation Mod

    Adds a lot of Custom Mutations created by me and others. The main-menu has been edited so all Mutations can be created via lobbies, and can be played online at anytime. To play Custom Mutations online, they'll have to be played via a ...

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  • 16 Maps
    Silent Hill 1

    This version of Silent Hill 1 by Leafo will be continuation of what PopTheseFools has started. From now on, I'm taking over the campaign and will provide you with active updates, so if you're still subscribed to his or any other versions...

  • Mod
    TDA Hatsune Miku: GLaDOS Aperture (VIP Survivor)

    Just a mod to replace VIP Survivor in VIP Escort from Rayman1103's Mutation Mod,and it is made using the simplest way, so it cannot work alone. There are two versions, "rnggladosmikuvip.vpk" requests "myl4d2addons_rng miku.vpk" and "mu...

  • Mod
    Kafuu Chino Voice Pack for Nick (L4D2)

    All of Voice Lines are Best with any Survivor Talker/Active Talker Addons that have lots of Basic Responses and Melee Grunts. (i use "Actively Talker" and "8 Player Talker" addons) [as for her model. i forgot how i got them. even the ...

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